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Something broken? We’ll fix it or replace it!


Not performing up to your standards? We’ll tighten things up, lube/grease things, replace parts, and get you back on your bike!


New bike ready to be built or new part you want to put on? We’ll build it or install it!

What We Use:


Made up of the shifters and derailleurs, cassette, chain, cranks and pedals. We can help you to get your bike riding just right with great responsiveness, smooth shifting, and extended durability.

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Many bikes are outfitted with a front suspension and some include a rear suspension to help with control, traction, and comfort while riding. We're here to help you get your suspension tuned just right and make your bike fit your ride style.

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Wheels and Tires

Needing to fix a flat? Looking to go tubeless? Maybe you need some extra traction. Whatever it is you're looking for with your wheels and tires, we're here to help tailor your riding experience.

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There are a lot of options for brakes, and they're essential to feeling confident and safe on your bike. Let us take a look at what you're riding with and ensure that you won't be left in a dangerous situation.

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Handlebars, Grips, and Stem

With the right setup in your hands, you can feel unstoppable on your bike, and we're here to help. We can help you get the right components to fit your needs, or we can just help to make sure that your current components are in tip top shape.

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Additional Components and Customization

There are so many amazing additions available riders, and we can help you to find the ones that make your bike your desired form of transport.

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